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In order to decide what issues are important or arguable in a traffic case, it is important to have the driver's version to compare to the officer's report. Officers write lengthy reports, which relate everything the officer felt impacted negatively against the driver. If anything occurred that helps or supports the driver's innocence, the officer can usually be counted on leaving it out of the report.

In those cases where you disagree with the officer, the court will most often support the officer's version, so it is of little use to dispute the inaccuracies or exaggerations, even if they border on total lies. However, the officer completed a report immediately after the arrest and, if something is left out, it was omitted deliberately and it can usually be counted on to help your case.

Please write out a detailed chronological story of what happened for comparison to the officer's report. A little background about where you had been and what you drank is significant; however, I'm most interested in what happened between you and the officer(s). Please include every question, every answer, as well as, every comment or casual conversation unrelated to drinking and/or driving. Nothing is unimportant or too insignificant.

I suggest writing on every third line of a ruled pad of paper. The extra spacing allows you to insert things, without having to rewrite your story to keep it in proper order. It also allows you to make added comments later when you reread your story the following day.

Your spelling, punctuation and grammar are of little importance. What helps most is that your report be thorough. I don't need your report immediately. I usually review it alongside the officer's report which usually requires 10 to 14 days for arrival from the prosecuting attorney.

Please print your name at the top of your report, so we know whose file to put it in.

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