DUI Penalties

DUI Penalties:

Washington has some of the harshest DUI penalties and consequences in the nation. In addition, our statutes include mandatory minimum penalties that prevent the judge from suspending the entire penalties. The typical first DUI conviction has mandatory court expenses of at least $4,645.50 and a third conviction involves mandatory court expenses of $25,470.50. The maximum court expenses may reach $76,820.50. With the spread of computers and digital records, we are experiencing a flood of consequences beyond the traditional court penalties.

Conviction always includes these mandatory consequences:

  1. Jail Time
  2. Electronic Home Monitoring
  3. Fines and Costs ($940.50 - $16,025.00)
  4. Breath Test Assessment ($200)
  5. Probation and Probation Fees (up to $6,000 @ $100/month)
  6. Alcohol Treatment Programs ($290 - $6,500)
  7. Ignition Interlock Device ($340 - $10,200)
  8. Special High Risk Insurance (SR-22) - ($25 - $100/month for 3 yrs.)
  9. Increased License Fee ($150 per issuance)

Courts may impose other statutory charges:

  1. Police Response Fees (up to $1,000)
  2. Bail Expense (typically 10% to bondsman)
  3. Jail Booking Fees (up to $100)
  4. Daily Jail Fees (up to $100/day)
  5. Warrant Fees (up to $100/warrant)
  6. Municipal Filing Fees ($25 - $140)

Other costs or consequences:

  1. Attorney Fees
  2. Expert Witnesses Charges
  3. Lost Wages
  4. Lost Jobs or Job Opportunities
  5. Lost Rental Opportunities
  6. Credit Impairment and/or Increased Interest
  7. Inability to Rent a Car
  8. Permanent Criminal Record
  9. Inability to Travel Internationally
  • Restitution (for any damages or injuries)
  • Required Permission for Interstate Travel (2nd offenses)
  • Community Service
  • Psychological Stress and Anxiety

It is easy to see that the costs of your DUI will far exceed your anticipated attorney fees and that an experienced attorney will save you far more than his fee.

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